Our most compact class

Mini cranes / Pick&Carry cranes

Smallest dimensions and a low empty weight, paired with an astounding lifting force distinguish our electrical mini cranes. Based on the compact design, moving through narrow doors and the smallest installation openings is no longer a hindrance. All our devices are battery-operated and therefore they permit the use in environments with high requirements with respect to emissions of any kind. In addition, these Pick and Carry cranes are radio controlled, which means that an additional crane operator is not required, which further increases the economic feasibility of this device class.

Lifting and transport processes, which you thought were never possible, can be realized because the lifted loads can be moved directly. The cranes present their full potential when performing maintenance work, because space must not be established with great effort and additional constructions such a gantry cranes are no longer required.

Can you get to the usage location with a lift truck? Our mini cranes can do that too!

Caterpillar cranes

A compact design and the outstanding all-terrain characteristics are the advantages of the caterpillar mini crane. Based on the support, these cranes can also be used on uneven ground in outside areas. In addition, the caterpillar cranes have a large extension and therefore they are especially qualified for difficult to access work at heights.

These battery-operated cranes work especially well in construction-site operations in areas of extremely cramped moving and usage conditions. Our mini caterpillar cranes can replace often larger and significantly more cost intensive mobile cranes.

Benefits for you:

  • Compact design, ideal for cramped spaces

  • For interior and exterior use

  • Easy to operate

  • Low empty weight (ceiling load)

  • Fast operational readiness