In Düsseldorf and surroundings

Hess-Krane provides state-of-the-art mobile cranes for all tasks

When implementing your project, benefit from the comprehensive experiences for the leasing of mobile cranes. We grow with the requirements of our customers and offer - in addition to the traditional operations construction and trade - also industrial uses. For this purpose, we store all common hitches, traverses and special structures such as crane heads.

Our daily tasks include the support for window installations and roof work, the in-plant transport of block heat and power plants and large air-conditioning systems, but also the loading of heavy items such as machinery and production facilities as well as large components for the heavy industries.

As a service provider with conviction, we also offer service that exceed the mere leasing of mobile cranes. An example is the city-centre traffic safeguarding by establishing road blockings. HESS coordinates the entire processing for you. It starts with the generation of traffic sign plans in accordance with public authority requirements, includes the procurement of certificates of exemption and the placing of traffic signs at your construction site.

In addition, our ISO & SCC certification guarantees high transparency and highest safety standards at economically reasonable conditions.

This makes us your ideal crane partner for the industry, construction and trade in the greater area Düsseldorf – Velbert, Rhineland and Rhein/Ruhr.

All our crane services at a glance:

  • Mobile crane provision of all classes

  • Development of feasibility studies

  • Securing traffic (street blockage & signage, incl. all public authority approvals)

  • Placing of traffic signs

  • Leasing of mobile roads, construction roads and ground protection plates

  • Test weights leasing

  • Project support from a single source