Hydraulic gantries - solution for many heavy load issues

We provide hydraulic gantries up to the 400 to class for especially demanding lifting processes.

The heavy load lifting systems are predestined for safe lifting and processing of machinery parts. They show their benefits especially during the rotating, tilting or erecting of heavy components.

The hydraulic gantries are an interesting alternative to large cranes due to their low transport costs and the fast set-up times. This does not only apply in tight spaces but also for transition work in the open air.

Gantries at a glance:

  • Transport of components up to 400 to

  • Fast set-up times

  • More than 8 m lifting height

  • Variable buffer beam combinations with a span of up to 20 m

  • European-wide operations for heavy duty assembly

  • Development of feasibility studies and lifting simulations