Our compact powerhouses

Remarkable lifts in small places

Our indoor cranes, also called Pick & carry cranes, are the first choice for work in small spaces. In contrast to the traditional telescope cranes, these industry cranes distinguish themselves by the fact that a lifted load can be moved directly.

It is typical that the lifted load must first be transported to the new location using a separate mode of transport, such as a transport gear or a heavy-duty roller. This step is not required because the devices are self-propelled and very manoeuvrable. When in the transport condition, the cranes have minimal outside dimensions with total heights of 1700 mm that fit through the smallest hall door.


Take advantage of our fleet's strength!

Hess rents the ideal Pick & Carry crane for your upcoming project. Cranes of various sizes and weight classes are available for you to choose from.

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MC 750 CT
Capacity 0.75t

MC 32S
Capacity 3t

MC 70S
Capacity 7t

MC 100S
Capacity 10t

MC 160
Capacity 16t

MC 250
Capacity 25t

Capacity 68t

MC 700 MT
Capacity 70t